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Manutax Platform Tokenized Real Estate Asset

Manutax is the real estate tokenized asset platform which allows any property to be tokenized and retailed to investors in smaller units. This means that even an investor with the smallest amount of money can buy into a portion of property, be it commercial or residential. The advantage of the Manutax token asset is that it provides more liquidity to home owners in that trading of the token allows for value to be transfered by anyone who owns the MUX token, in the locus of a liquid trading market.

Objectives of the Manutax Platform

The Manutax platform also provides a lower barrier of entry for investors to participate in the housing market. It is worthy of note that the Manutax token, MUX is backed by real estate and hence can demonstrate actual real value using the backbone of real estate assets that is on its network . For any new property to be added to the Manutax platform, a thorough evaluation of its suitability will be carried out, including comparative valuation and location parameters.

Real estate professionals shall be integrally involved, and a rigorous process shall be implemented for selection, evaluation and approval listing.The three stated properties above shall be acquired using the proceeds from the listing of the initial MUX Tokens and the title documents shall held by a selected trust company. All issued tokens shall be backed by the properties in question.

Manutax Token, MUX

The Manutax Token, MUX just like any cryptocurrency, and much like bitcoin will serve as a store of value, a wealth planning tool and asset class, and it can be passed from one generation to the other as an inheritance.

Manutax Token Distribution.

The Manutax Platform will be considering an initial tokenised prelisting approval of three properties, with aggregate vwaluation of USD7,346,121.37. With expected market demand and based on currently bitcoin value, a total of 16,783, 122.30 MUX Tokens will be created in this process and listed for trading, starting at a value of 0.000078btc per token.

Blockchain Secured Related Records.

The decentralized and open distributed ledger of the blockchain technology provides a trusless system for confirmation of transaction and for immutable record keeping for public use. In the Manutax platform, property titles and ownership records will be clearly seen on the blockchain, and the value of this commercial and residential real estate will be represented on trading exchanges by the MUX token.


Manutax Dividend Payment.

All token holders shall be paid dividend accruing from rental income from the property pool under the Manutax Platform. On an annual basis, and on a specified cut off date, all token holders will have their wallet address credited with a predetermined amount, paid in ETH to their account holdings.

Selection and Addition of Properties.

There shall be a continuous process of evaluation and approval of new properties for listing, undertaken once every six months. This shall be announced 3 months in advance on the Manutax website. Properties located globally shall be considered, up to a maximum of 100 properties, and up to a maximum of 10billion MUX Token, which ever comes first.

Manutax MUX tokens for Mortgages.

Also, instead of taking out traditional mortgages, the Manutax platform will enable home owners to take out mortgage by receiving MUX tokens against their properties, and on a monthly basis pay their MUX tokenized mortgage using the Manutax MUX network to a group of token owners on the property in question.

Total Manutax Token Fixed at Creation.

Because the MUX token supply is fixed at creation, all investors can get an upside to their investment with the capital appreciation of the MUX token. This token shall be traded on major crypto exchanges to enable every holder to realize fiat value for their investment. In determining the true value of any property to be added to the Manutax platform for tokenization, a number of market and intrinsic factors will be considered. While many developers and property owners have emotional attachments to certain assets the own, the considered value of any asset will be judged by comparing it to peer properties which have been in the market over a given period of time.

Trustees & Administrators

Dividends payments and other associated functions shall be handled by the appointed trustees, and a smart contract algorithm shall be designed and deployed for the token distribution. Relevant information shall be published on the Manutax website for this purpose. The computation of dividend due each investor shall be determined on the basis of the amount of rental income received.

Deepening and Enhancement of Liquidity.

The MUX token will enable deeper market, meaning more participants and more trade since markets are international and the tokens are highly divisible. The global Real estate market is estimated at USD221 trillion. The MUX token will become enshrined within the ever expanding crypto assets market, bringing a portion of this market value to investors thereby allowing for cross exchange liquidity and expanding the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies.

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